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2021. március 18., csütörtök 09:19


Joint efforts to increase water management adaptation to climate changes in Central Europe

Under the Interreg Central Europe program, a two-year pilot project called TEACHER-CE has been launched with a total cost of more than € 1 million, combining the results of previous INTERREG, Horizon2020 and Life projects to develop new ideas, tools or strategies.

The TEACHER-CE project (Joint efforts to increase the adaptation of water management to climate change in Central Europe) was created by the partners of four different Central European projects (RAINMAN, FRAMWAT, PROLINE-CE, SUSTREE). As a lead partner, the University of Ljubljana ensures the coordination. Over the next two years, 12 project partner organizations from 8 European countries (Slovenia, Germany, Austria, Poland, Italy, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Hungary) representing various professional fields – such as water management, environment protection, forestry, agriculture, meteorology, spatial planning – the TEACHER-CE project focuses on developing a common set of tools. The Central Tisza Region Water Management Directorate (CTRWMD) from Hungary participates as a partner supported, while OVF is connected to the project within the framework of strategic partnership cooperation.

The common toolkit focuses on climate-conscious management of water issues, the prevention of floods, heavy rainfall and droughts, small-scale water retention measures and the protection of water resources through sustainable land use. This innovative set of tools for climate change adaptation and risk prevention will be examined directly by partners from different countries in 9 pilot areas of the project.

By the end of the project, an integrated and common strategy will be developed to support this innovative toolkit of TEACHER-CE, which can be used effectively by decision makers in the field of water management planning and all stakeholders in the field.

Duration of project: 01.03.2020 – 28.02.2022

EU ERDF amount: EUR 1.08 million

Translated by: Attila Kádár, International Department, General Directorate of Water Management of Hungary

Utolsó módosítás: 2021. március 18., csütörtök 09:21, Regdánszki Tamara
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